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Your secret weapon against the detrimental effects of PGR's

Specialty Additive - Root Feed


Your secret weapon against the detrimental effects of PGRs. Dramatically restores resin and essential production for a heavier yield of unrivalled quality.

  • Adds flower size and density while reducing excessive hardness
  • Restores essential oil and terpene production for premium tasting and smelling buds
  • Restarts growth and development pathways to revive plant health and flower appearance
  • Contains NO PGRs or harsh chemical agents
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    Why use Re-Cover?

    RE-COVER restores the look, taste, and health of your plant by activating alternative growth pathways to bridge those broken by the use of common PGRs. Stimulating these pathways allows the plant to metabolize out most of the PGR for a healthier, stress-free plant.

    RE-COVER is the only product on the market specifically designed to eliminate the side effects of height-controlling PGRs by restarting growth and development pathways to reviving cell division.

    RE-COVER’s accelerated regeneration technology returns proper density to the flowers, resulting in bigger, sweeter-smelling, and stickier buds by restoring essential oil production and improving overall appearance of plants.

    How does it work?

    RE-COVER restores PGR-stressed plants using a combination of thiamine pyrophosphate, an acetylated form of lecithin and our proprietary TRx1 Peptide Suite (protein suite). These technologies work together to restore essential oil production and cell expansion in flowers which are lost after using common height-controlling PGRs.