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Dramatically increase quality, size, and taste of flowers

with PYYRO K

One and Done!

The world’s first autosensing one-part nutrient for root, grow, and flower.

Time Saver

Dramatically increase quality, size, and taste of flowers and have up to 3 weeks off your crop cycle!

Branch maker

The most powerful foliar additive on the market and the only foliar product proven to increase yield.

Quality Booster

Laboratory certified as the only proven terpene and THC quality booster on the market.

Ultimate duo

R-N-A maximizes branch production, internodes, and plant vigor to build the perfect framework for a massive yield.

Spray with the lights on when using F-D-S. Six times stronger and six times faster than leading wetting agents — use less product, save more money.

Bigger, denser, and stickier flowers

Your secret weapon against the detrimental effects of PGRs. Dramatically restores resin and essential production for a heavier yield of unrivalled quality.

We do sell in stores across the US and Canada. Please contact us to see locations near you.

Each bottle has the amounts found on the back of the bottle. Refer to our Nutrient Calculatorto find out exactly how much product you should be using!

We offer different bottles sizes from 250mL up to 20L, and larger if needed!

Contact us with any questions regarding larger amounts or special orders.