ÜBER comes from the German term "Stand Above" and our products have been designed to do just that: stand above all others in terms of performance, quality and value.

ÜBER is the first line of truly professional products aimed squarely at the grower who demands excellence. Our line of products is engineered from the ground up to increase not just quantity but quality. Because when everything else is equal, quality always wins.

If it's important that your crop yields better, looks better, and most importantly has better quality than your competition, then ÜBER is for you.


UNI-ONE is a revolutionary, one-bottle SOLUTION to feeding your plants.

UNI-ONE is the most powerful and complete grow & flower nutrient that AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS its NPK ratio to match the need of your plants — in real time.


Maximize photosynthesis, branch production and plant vigor. Grow MORE BRANCHES, Get MORE BLOOMS.


UBER’s flowering products deliver the energy your plant craves during bloom for healthy, stress-free plants with flowers of the highest quality.


RE-COVER is the only product on the market specifically designed to eliminate the side effects of height-controlling PGRs by restarting growth and development pathways. Dramatically restores resin and essential production to add flower size for a heavier yield.


Hi-Q is a unique foliar spray based on modified antioxidants that protects and preserves the quality of your plant's essential oils — giving you a crop of unrivalled quality.