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Terpene quality protector and maximizer

Foliar spray - Finisher.

Made from natural ingredients that don’t affect look or taste.


Quality that can be experienced! Hi-Q is laboratory certified as the only proven terpene and THC quality booster on the market.

  • Protects essential oils to prevent THC degradation and loss
  • Dramatically increases after-harvest shelf life: no more Downtown Brown
  • Produces higher quality crops for a higher ticket price - Hi-Q more than pays for itself - from the very first time you use it
  • Made from natural ingredients that do not affect look or taste
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    Why use Hi-Q?

    The only product on the market proven to protect and preserve peak potency — up to 20% more THC, and 50% more CBC compared to unsprayed plants.

    The natural vitamin C in Hi-Q acts as a powerful pro-oxidant to help your plant resist molds, mildew, and fungus from taking hold of your precious flowers.

    Hi-Q protects against the THC and CBC loss experienced by all growers, no matter what their skill or experience level is, while significantly decreasing CBD.

    Hi-Q users report on average a 20% increase in the quality index for flowers grown with Hi-Q when compared to other foliar products, with independent laboratory tests showing 20% more THC, and 50% more CBC retained! This results in a truly premium, in-demand product that commands the highest ticket price available.

    How does it work?

    Easy as one, two, three: Hi-Q’s simple application of modified antioxidants protect and preserve the quality of essential oil during flower, giving you a crop of unrivalled quality by protecting against trichrome oxidization before, during, and after harvest. Absorbs quickly so it won't damage your precious flowers.

    Hi-Q leaves no effect on the curing or drying processes. Powered by natural vitamin C, and free of PGRs or unwanted heavy metals, Hi-Q means your product tests clean. Every time.

    Hi-Q works using a unique encapsulation technology that changes the way vitamin C is delivered to the plant’s essential oils. This form of vitamin C is normally insoluble in water, however when it’s combined with UBER’s encapsulation protein technology, it becomes both water and fat soluble, allowing it to dissolve and deposit directly inside the essential oils of your plant, immediately protecting them from the ravages of oxidization and degradation, resulting in more potent flowers with true storage longevity.