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Spray with the lights on

Foliar Spray & Delivery Agent


Supercharge your foliar sprays using F-D-S. 
  • Spray with the lights on without damage
  • Quickly and thoroughly penetrates the leaf surface to directly deliver your foliar spray to where it is needed most
  • Temporarily alter leaf permeability without damage
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    Why use FDS?

    High-powered foliar additives are best sprayed with the lights on to allow for fullest delivery. However, most products when used under lights cause leaf-damaging phytotoxicity. Unlike other leading sprays, F-D-S can be sprayed with the lights on without the risk of burn.

    F-D-S delivers nutrients directly to the chloroplasts using active transport technology, which works six times faster than leading wetting or delivery agents. Faster than root feeding which is good for problem solving micronutrient deficiencies.

    How does it work?

    ÜBER’s proprietary Active Transport Technology temporarily alters leaf permeability without damaging the cuticle to drive foliar-applied elements through the plasma membrane directly to the chloroplasts both quickly and effectively.