Stop wasting time and money using multiple products

UNI-ONE is the market’s most powerful unified one-part nutrient system with built-in root and vegetative boosters, eliminating the need to purchase those separately.

Unrivalled nutrient power for a bigger yield

UNI-ONE is up to 50% stronger than leading one-part or multi-part base systems, delivering more nutrient for your money while gaining up to a 30% increase in yield.

Automatically adjusts NPK ratio in real time

UNI-ONE is powered by Nutri-Sense, our auto-sensing nutrient technology that automatically releases more nutrient to the roots when required. Our Nutri-Sense technology prevents nutrient reaction until it matters — so if the plant doesn’t require any more nutrient, then none is released. It’s as simple as that.

Leave it to your plants to optimize NPK levels naturally and accurately.

UNI-ONE’s unique formula works with plant enzymes to release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) at optimal levels based on the actual needs of the plant at different times throughout the growth and flower processes. UNI-ONE works using our proprietary Nutri-Sense NPK auto-sensing nutrient technology, combined with a modified form of our TRx1 Peptide Suite, which consists of several unique proteins that act as dynamic root and vegetative boosters. Together, these technologies act as three or four products in one, while out-yielding the leading nutrient brands by up to 30%. Nutri-Sense works using two modified encapsulating proteins to collect approximately one-third of the NPK in UNI-ONE, making it unavailable to the plant until it is released. The release of this bound content is controlled by the real-time needs of the plant through its own root exudates, which dynamically change from organic carbon acids during growth into special sugar fractions in flower. These organic components then react with and unlock the bound elements contained within UNI-ONE, releasing the extra NPK the plant requires while automatically adjusting and optimizing the ratio — all with a simple, one bottle solution.


An actual 20% to 35% increase in yield compared to leading two-or-more part nutrient systems based on multiple trials at three leading medical facilities.


Use every time you feed. REFER TO FEED CHART / NUTRIENT CALCULATOR FOR DOSAGE AMOUNTS. Always add PYYRO K and or Silica first — before UNI-ONE. Then Add UNI-ONE. Then add additives as per product instructions. *Use a PPM / EC Meter and adjust pH if necessary.


  1. Best used with distilled or RO water.
  2. Best used with PYYRO K.
  3. Watch closely: plants will have increased metabolism, you may need to feed more.
  4. Always check and adjust pH.
  5. *Use CAUTION when running above 1500 PPM.


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