Save up to 50%

PYYRO K is the first and only plant booster powered by pyrophosphate to boost roots, growth, and flowers with just one bottle. No need for separate root, grow and flower boosters, saving you up to 50% when compared to other leading multi-product brands.

25% more nutrient uptake

PYYRO K stimulates a large and powerful root system by upregulating the plant’s metabolism and increasing its nutrient uptake by up to 25%, powering growth and root development at rates you never thought possible - all with one simple product.

Add another crop cycle

Not only does using PYYRO K result in bigger yields - it results in more yields. This industry-leading metabolic booster is the only product on the market that has the power to shave two to three weeks off your cycles. The math is simple: save eight weeks a year using PYYRO K for each of your four cycles, add another harvest.

During flower, nothing beats the power of pyrophosphat

Pyrophosphate is a unique and powerful form of phosphorus that has a similar energy signature to Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the universal energy currency of every living thing on earth.

This unique energy signature, when combined with our proprietary TRx1 Peptide Suite, allows PYYRO K to act as a powerful metabolic optimizer that dramatically upregulates a plant’s metabolism while driving nutrient uptake for an unrivalled yield.

Pyrophosphate is powerful - over 6 times more powerful than the regular phosphate found in your current flowering or plant booster. When it comes to providing that extra phosphorus energy your plant craves, nothing else compares. This highly soluble form of phosphate has benefits including its role as an enzyme catalyst in DNA synthesis as well as its alkalizing and enhanced water retention effect in soils.



Use every time you feed during flower. To each litre / quart of water add...

[ Week 1-2 ]  1 ml / 1/4 teaspoon PYYRO K
[ Week 3-4 ]  2 ml / 1/2 teaspoon PYYRO K

[ Week 1-3 ]  2 ml / 1/2 teaspoon PYYRO K
[ Week 4-6 ]  3 ml / 3/4 teaspoon PYYRO K
[ Week 7 ]     2 ml / 1/2 teaspoon PYYRO K
[ Week 8 ]     1 ml / 1/4 teaspoon PYYRO K

THEN add nutrients as per product instructions.

*Adjust pH if necessary.


  1. Best used with distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water.
  2. Root boosting products are not recommended whilst using PYYRO K. Doing so may result in too many roots.
  3. Works with all nutrient regimes.
  4. PYYRO K is a booster. Do NOT use as a base nutrient. For best results, we recommend UNI-ONE.
  5. Always check and adjust pH.


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