The perfect clone builder for the best plants

It’s basic biology: your clones share the same genetics as their mom. That’s why the best growers choose R-N-A to grow the most vigorous plant with the biggest branches and most bud sites in the room for the greatest cloning success rate.
Your secret weapon for a truly massive grow  R-N-A's proven results mean longer branches, more internodes, and thicker stems to support a much larger harvest with bigger branches that mean even bigger buds. Plus, at six times the strength of its leading competitors, it’s also the fastest-working foliar product on the market.

Easy to use for even the laziest growers 

R-N-A’s strength and proprietary technology means growers only need to spray plants twice per week during the vegetative period and up to the first four weeks of flowering. Forget the daily spray routine required by the other foliar products on the market. Save more cash on product, too.

Prepare your plants to support much larger harvests.

R-N-A greatly increases photosynthesis through the production of chlorophyll, which results in extra carbohydrate production, and more energy for the plant to grow. R-N-A uses a unique combination of glycinated micronutrients married to a suite of specific amino and nucleic acids. This combination upregulates the genes responsible for branching, stem girth, and thickness together with an increase in flowering sites. By doing this, R-N-A increases the plant’s carrying or support capacity, which is scientifically proven to increase its yield capacity through flower production and size.


During our extensive laboratory testing, we confirmed the advantages that select nucleic acids in R-N-A result in: over 20% increase in branch length and internodes, with an 11% increase in stem thickness so those branches can support more flower weight and size.


Use with ÜBER Nutrient’s F-D-S.

To each litre / quart of water add...
• 50 mls / 3.5 Tbsp of R-N-A
• 20 mls / 1.5 Tbsp of F-D-S.

Do NOT adjust pH.

Gently shake the spray bottle to make sure the solution is well mixed.

When using with F-D-S, apply with the lights on, with them to remain on for at least three hours. The longer the plants have under the lights after R-N-A has been applied the better. However, R-N-A can be sprayed with the lights on or off — it's your choice.


Spray your plants until the leaves are evenly coated with the spray solution and a small runoff occurs.

For optimal results, it is best to mix fresh solutions just prior to spraying. However, leftover solution may be stored in the spray bottle in a dark, cool environment for up to a week.

Spray 1-2 times a week from week one of vegetative growth through to week three of the flower stage.


  1. Do NOT adjust pH.
  2. Best used with distilled or RO water.
  3. It is best to apply R-N-A with F-D-S which will allow you to spray with the lights on.
    • This allows the plant to fully metabolize R-N-A and utilize the full time under the lights for amplified growth.
    • Lights can be switched on or off and should be a minimum of 18 to 24 inches from the top of your plants.
  4. If you choose to spray with your lights on and you need to raise your lights to spray safely, you may lower them back into position after 30 minutes.
  5. With F-D-S's Active Transport Technology, you only need to spray the top surface of the leaf. F-D-S delivers your nutrients directly to the chloroplasts where they are immediately utilized to full effect.


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