Maximizes nutrient and water uptake

Using our proprietary Open Gate Technology, Hydrawave allows the ionic gates in the roots to remain open and uptake elements regardless of charge for fully optimized nutrient absorption. The end result is a dramatic increase in plant growth, health, and vitality. Just as nature intended.

Never waste product again

Hydrawave’s viscous serum powerfully protects the stability and integrity of the nutrients inside every ÜBER product, ensuring your product never loses potency. This easy-to-use serum also allows for easier measuring and pouring without the mess thanks to its unrivalled consistency and feel.

The perfect carbon source for peat and coco

Hydrawave dramatically improves the performance of hydroponic media such as coco or peat by increasing the micro capillary network, allowing your medium to provide more nutrients to your roots than ever before.

Hydrawave gives your plants unprecedented access to everything you supply them.

Plants naturally find it difficult to fully access the nutrients provided to them when grown in solid media such as coco coir, soil, sunshine mix, or Rockwool because of localized pH shifts directly adjacent to the roots.

To combat this, Hydrawave uses amphiphilic polymer-based Open Gate Technology to open the plant’s trans-membrane proteins. These compounds are both water and lipid soluble, meaning they can access both water and fat, which is vital in assisting the mobility and uptake of nutrient elements in the roots.

Once fully opened, these proteins can freely accept nutrient ions regardless of their electrical charge and, to some extent, localized pH conditions. The end result is a significant increase in nutrient uptake by the plant, driving real growth, health, and vitality.


Hydrawave protects against the number one cause of nutrient productivity loss in-bottle: the Brownian Motion nutrient interaction.

Brownian Motion is the random movement of elements or molecules in a liquid or gas environment. This random motion brings elements into contact with each other, causing interactions and lockouts. Hydrawave creates an environment where that perpetual motion is stopped or significantly slowed.

A great example of the power of Hydrawave is the calcium nitrate / magnesium sulphate test. Calcium and sulfur when coming into contact with one another quickly react to form insoluble calcium sulfate (Figure 1).


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