Spray with the lights on

High-powered foliar additives are best sprayed with the lights on to allow for fullest delivery. However, most products when used under lights cause leaf-damaging phytotoxicity. Unlike other leading sprays, F-D-S can be sprayed with the lights on without the risk of burn.

Six times faster than leading wetting or delivery agents

F-D-S delivers nutrients directly to the chloroplasts using active transport technology, which works six times faster than leading wetting or delivery agents. Faster than root feeding which is good for problem solving micronutrient deficiencies. Think of it as mainlining versus swallowing.

Use less product, save more money

With F-D-S’s Active Transport Technology, you only need to spray the top surface of the leaf saving you money by using significantly less product.

Temporarily alter leaf permeability without damage.

Most wetting agents and first-generation delivery agents rely on passive transport which only allows for limited foliar delivery. F-D-S uses proprietary Active Transport technology for an effect that is up to six times more effective. ÜBER’s next-generation Active Transport Technology temporarily alters leaf permeability without damaging the cuticle to drive foliar-applied elements through the plasma membrane directly to the chloroplasts both quickly and effectively.

F-D-S utilizes potassium gluconate and thiamine pyrophosphate to activate this transport mechanism. The result is a delivery agent that is six times more effective than the leading wetting and delivery agent.


The gold standard in determining how effective a delivery or wetting agent is at delivering its payload is by using the conjugated Dextran confocal microscope test.

To do this, dextran (sugar) is married with a molecule of fluorescein. This molecule then glows bright green when viewed under a confocal or fluorescence microscope allowing us to measure dextran uptake by the leaf.

In this test, the control leaf is red (the colour of Chlorophyll confocal fluorescence microscope) and blue, showing the leaf in its native or unsprayed state.

The second picture shows the leaf when sprayed with a leading delivery agent. Here there is some visible uptake of the dextran molecule.
However, this leaf was sprayed with F-D-S and as you can see, it is completely saturated with the dextran molecule — and is glowing a brilliant green.


To each litre / quart of water add 20 ml. / 1.5 tbsp. of F-D-S together with the required amount of foliar product you want to apply according to product directions.

Best used in combination with R-N-A .

If applying a non-ÜBER product you may need to reduce the dosage of the product being applied.

Do NOT adjust pH.

Gently shake the spray bottle to make sure the solution is well mixed.

Can be sprayed with the lights on or off — it's your choice.


Spray your plants until the leaves are evenly coated and a small runoff occurs.

For optimal results, it is best to mix fresh solutions just prior to spraying. However, left over solution may be stored in the spray bottle in a dark, cool environment for up to a week.


  1. Do NOT adjust pH.
  2. Best used with distilled or RO water.
  3. F-D-S allows you to spray with the lights on. Lights can be switched on or off and should be a minimum of 18 to 24 inches from the tops of your plants. If you choose to spray with your lights on and you need to raise your lights to spray safely, you may lower them back into position after 30 minutes.
  4. With F-D-S's Active Transport Technology, you only need to spray the top surface of the leaf. F-D-S delivers your nutrients directly to the chloroplasts where they are immediately utilized to full effect.


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